The area around the Canning Town Riverside is currently very fractured and with significant parts not currently being accessible to the public. Our plans for Crown Wharf look to breathe new life into this site, knit together other new developments coming forward locally, and crucially allow residents and the local community to once more enjoy the waterfront.

In realising this ambition, however, we need to be mindful of and seek to address early on the key constraints the site currently presents:

An island site 

Opportunity to contribute to the function of the wider industrial estate and support local businesses. The site is bordered by an industrial estate to the north, the river to the west and two very busy roads to the east and south.

Low Accessibility and permeability 

Once on site, it is currently very difficult to navigate and access the water edge. We are currently working together with Newham Council and other developers in the area to create a new and improved pedestrian and cycle links to allow people to enjoy all parts of our development.

River Lea 

The river and water edge itself presents the opportunity to extend the River Lea pedestrian and cycle route, enhance connections to the Bow Creek Ecology park and also complement the Council’s aspiration to deliver a new bridge link.

Neighbouring developments 

This is a part of Newham that is only going to continue to grow and change. It’s really important that we work closely with neighbouring landowners so that new pieces of city feel connected. We’ll be reflecting this in our masterplanning and bringing forward a scheme that knits the local community together.

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