Unlocking Canning Town riverside and making this a more accessible and connected place.

We want to realise this site’s tremendous potential and better connect it with surrounding communities and the fantastic transport links nearby. We are working closely with neighbouring landowners to see how we can collaborate to improve permeability around the site and the pedestrian experience. 

Our early designs include:

● A new pedestrian and cycle route along the River Lea in line with the Council’s aspiration to enhance local connections, including a new bridge over the River Lea

● Increased permeability through and around the site through collaboration with neighbouring developers 

● An improved pedestrian experience along Wharfside Road and Bidder Street

● Improvements to the A13 underpass

● A car free development, except for blue badge holders 

● c.1,575 cycle parking spaces

A new riverside walkway 

Our proposals for Crown Wharf will unlock the waterfront and create a new riverside pedestrian and cycle path to better connect the site with the surrounding areas and open it up to a wider variety of uses. Our proposals will create 170m of riverside frontage to celebrate the Lea and create London’s newest waterside quarter.

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