The architecture and materials we use here should reflect the past and emerging future of Canning Town.

Canning Town has grown and evolved over time to include a range of different building styles and materials. Recent developments have changed the area from a place of large industrial warehouses to one with a more active community with homes, shops and office space. This variety and the history of the site means there is a fantastic array of local architecture for us to draw inspiration from for our own designs.

We’re still evolving our thinking, but are envisioning a collection of buildings arranged around new resident and public spaces. These buildings will consist of three distinctive characters and types, and we have shown these in the diagram to the right as well as some emerging precedent imagery.

The heights of the buildings will also need to respond to the site’s local context. We think this is the right place for two taller feature buildings and we are proposing that these could be located near the waterfront and within the Council’s Canning Town Tall Buildings Zone. We would then step down in height and propose a series of mid-rise buildings towards Bidder Street and our local neighbours further to the north.

Our design inspiration

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