Please scroll through the list below for responses to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see yours here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

1. Where exactly is the site?
  • It is located on Bidder Street and borders East India Dock Road (the A13) to the South, the River Lea to the West and Mayer Parry Wharf to the North. It is a short walk to Canning Town and Star Lane stations and nearby to several local bus routes.
2. Who owns the site?
  • Barratt London has exchanged contracts to acquire the site. Barratt London is one of the UK’s leading housing developers. They have been awarded 5 Stars for quality homes from the Home Builders Federation for the 13th year in a row, more than any other major national housebuilder and have a track record of delivering really high quality, sustainable places to live and work in Newham.
3. How will this benefit existing residents?
  • Our proposals aim to provide something for everyone, this not only includes the new residents and working community that will be created here but our existing and future neighbours.
  • One of the most significant benefits this site will bring to the local area is the creation of new publicly accessible outdoor spaces and connections. The proposals will:
      • Unlock the Leaway Walk and create a new riverside pedestrian and cycle path to help better connect the site with the surrounding areas, including the public art route, and open it up to a wider variety of uses.
      • Create new green and high-quality landscaped public spaces with features such as a new community garden, integrated play spaces and places to sit, relax and work
      • Significantly improve the streetscape along Wharfside Road and Bidder Street
      • Significantly green the site to improve biodiversity, and support the health and wellbeing of the people that will come to live and work here.
    • The proposals will also deliver a number of really important economic benefits for the borough, including:
      • 2,300 sqm of new employment space that will help stimulate economic activity and create a variety of local jobs and employment opportunities
      • Increased spending in the local area from residents and workers at Crown Wharf
      • A significant CIL contribution which will be allocated towards improvements in the local area
      • Around 170 jobs.
    • The proposals will deliver 300 new affordable homes for residents in the Borough.
    4. How many homes are you providing?
    • We are proposing to deliver around 860 new homes at Crown Wharf, all of which will be designed to an exemplary standard. This will include a significant number of new affordable homes, with 35% of homes (300) delivered at low-cost rent or shared ownership.
    5. Will there be any genuinely affordable homes?
    • Yes, absolutely. We are looking to create a genuinely mixed community with different tenure types. 50% of the affordable homes will be delivered as shared ownership homes and the other 50% as London Affordable Rented (LAR) homes in line with Newham’s policy.
    6. Isn’t this a former industrial site – why are you thinking of building more homes here?
    • This is a former industrial site, and we will be celebrating this by providing a significant amount – around 2,300 sqm – of new employment space for Newham’s makers, creators and innovators to use. We also want this to be a really lively and sustainable neighbourhood and think it is an excellent location for a new community. All of these uses are in line with the Local Newham Plan and the allocation for this particular site includes new homes to help meet the Borough’s housing targets.
    7. How tall are the buildings?
    • We’re still at an early stage in our designs and will refining these and holding another consultation later in the summer. However, at the moment we envision a range of buildings between 10– 29 storeys. This site is located within a Tall Buildings Zone, meaning it has been identified as suitable location for buildings over 20 storeys by Newham Council.
    8. Why have you proposed tall buildings here? Will this impact any neighbouring homes?
    • This site is located within a Tall Buildings Zone defined by the London Borough of Newham, meaning it has been identified as suitable for buildings over 20 storeys. We’re still at an early stage, but our design team is carefully considering the height and massing and we’re adopting an approach that places the tallest building in the centre of the site and steps down from building heights coming forward on neighbouring sites.
    • This approach takes into account a number of factors such as any impact on the daylight and sunlight of the new homes and public spaces, air quality, wind analysis and proposed neighbouring development.
    • It’s also important to note that the site does not have any close residential neighbours and we are already working closely with neighbouring sites to ensure what is brought forward here is sensitive to future development.
    9. Will you be providing new green spaces?
    • Yes, approximately 50% of our site will be dedicated to public space with significant new green and landscaped spaces such as Lea Garden and the Riverside Garden. These new public spaces will feature a variety of planting to help encourage wildlife and biodiversity all year round as well as a new community garden.
    • The site will also more generally benefit from rewilding and landscaping, transforming what is today a predominantly concrete site into a new green, lively neighbourhood.
    10. Are you providing any parking here?
    • The development will be car free. This means that there will be no parking provided here, except for blue badge holders.
    • The site is in a really well-connected part of canning town, only a short walk to local tube and bus stations. The proposals will create new and improved pedestrian and cycle links which better connect this site to the surrounding area, helping to promote more sustainable modes of transport locally.
    • As part of our management strategy for the new site, all residents and workers will be made aware that there is no parking available and will not be eligible to apply for local parking permits. The potential for the development to provide dedicated spaces for an on-site car club is currently being explored.
    11. How can I share my feedback on your proposals?

    There are a number of ways you can feedback to the team.

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