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1. What is your first impression of our vision for a new sustainable neighbourhood at Crown Wharf – one which unlocks access to the river, provides new homes, green spaces, jobs and workspace?

2. We think this site has a tremendous amount of potential and can deliver some really exciting and important benefits for Newham. What part of our early masterplan is most important to you? (tick your top three)

3. We’re proposing a mix of different retail spaces at ground floor to draw people into the site and create new jobs and spend locally. What sort of offers do you think this area is missing?

4. This site has an amazing industrial history and we want to celebrate this with space for Newham’s makers and creators. What sort of space do you think the area really needs?

6. We’ll be dedicating half of the site to public and open space. This means we’ll have the opportunity to host activities and temporary events. What would attract you to visit the site?

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